A snail came along

Carl Sagan (only old and questionable quality pic I have)blub1The new friend, Mr Snail (here) separated from C.Sagan and is finally moving20180523_212120Floating plant. Looked like C.Sagan tried to eat them for a while so I’m not certain of his affection20180523_212039Nighty!20180523_204132



We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is TRUE rather than what FEELS good. – Carl Sagan



Went to the fish store earlier today since I needed plants(actually just floating plants). There were disrupting flaws in the systems(fish tanks), such as a dead fish. Fish die I know but the cause of the death shouldn’t be stupid. Wanted to point out all the flaws to the worker there, but she had enough to do so I just told her about the dead fish.

When I finally got back home I started the (warm water + salt) bath to disinfect the plants. I also moved our Betta fish, Carl Sagan, into a bath with relaxing substances among with right amount of salt to treat and prevent fungus attacks since i spotted tiny symptoms(probably stress due to imbalanced water conditions because we just recently had problem with the filter).

Somewhere in the middle of everything a snail appeared between the greenery I got from the store. I googled about it and apparently it’s common that snails come along with aquarium plants.
The majority of people I read about wants to get rid of them. As long as there won’t be an uncontrolled reproduction of snails, I’m fine with a new friend to Carl Sagan. Snails are good cleaners so he’s more than welcome.

It has been a loooong day, we’re moving into a new apartment in about 2 weeks so it’s getting closer to a big improvement and change, in so many planes.